Sleeping Saturn | Acrylic | 34" x 17"

Voyage to Venus (STS-30) | NASA Space Art Collection | Acrylic, 30"x48"

Early Spaceman | Acrylic / Assemblage, 24"x65"

Untitled | Acrylic on canvas, 16.5"x31.5"

View from the VAB | Acrylic on canvas, 34"x17"

Cape Kennedy Landscape | Acrylic on canvas, 30"x24"

Aftermath | Acrylic on canvas, 24"x40"

Steel & Stars | Acrylic on canvas, 46"x36"

Color Study for Steel and Stars | Acrylic on paper, 5"x3"

Charcoal Study for Steel and Stars | Charcoal on paper, 18"x14"

Untitled | Watercolor on paper, 10"x10"

The Voyager Collection: Hasbro Children's Hospital | Acrylic, 24"x48"

Mechanical Angel | Acrylic, 32"x32"

Kissing the Earth | Acrylic, 37"x38"

Shuttle Atlantis | Acrylic on canvas, 24"x12"

Saturn Liftoff | Watercolor, 7"x4"

Vehicle Assembly Building | Watercolor, 8"x5"